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16 May 2019

Queens Place Construction Update-April 2019

Works continue at a rapid rate at Queens Place. Multiplex continue with progress on many work fronts including the basement, podium and lift cores.

In the last month the basement structure has been completed and the ground floor slab has taken shape. We can now see the outline of the residential lobbies, supermarket and retail shops and carpark entry.

The two lift cores are at level 2 and easily visible from the street.

There are over 120 people on site each day. working on Queens Place. Works off site include façade panels, lifts and services equipment.

18 April 2019

Queens Place Construction Update-March 2019

Site works at Queens Place continue to progress on program. Multiplex have reached street level and the basement structural works are complete.

Construction trades continue to work on the basement services and concrete structure.

Two tower cranes are installing precast and the key areas of the ground floor and level 1 structure.

The lift cores are at level 2 and with over one hundred construction workers on site Queens Place is starting to take shape.

Offsite subcontractors have completed prototype kitchens, façade panels, lifts and escalators for the project. All will be installed in the near future.

13 March 2019

Queens Place Construction Update-Feburary 2019

Another busy month on site with Multiplex continuing with works on the basement levels. We have now completed basement 2 to 6 and have commenced the supermarket level at basement 1.

The lift cores are above street level and continue to rise each week.

Multiplex have approximately 80 people on site each day completing the structure, services and other construction works.

07 February 2019

Queens Place Construction Update-December 2018 and January 2019

Multiplex continue with works at Queens Place.

In the last month columns and slabs have been completed up to basement 4.

Signage has been installed to the lift cores, the cores are now almost at street level.

There are approximately 80 people on site working on Queens Place and Multiplex are currently around 2 weeks ahead of their program.

16 December 2018

Queens Place Construction Update-November 2018

Site works at Queens Place continue to progress well with the main focus being the ongoing basement structural works. Multiplex are currently working on the level 5 basement slab having completed the level 6 (lowest level) slab in November.

Site Works Status:

  • Lift shafts are also progressing well with the main lift core at basement 4 and second lift core at basement level 3.
  • Services contractors continue with work with the structural trades to complete the basement.
  • At street level Multiplex have installed all the pedestrian gantries and will reopen the footpaths shortly.

16 November 2018

Queens Place Construction Update-October 2018

Site works are progressing with the main activity being the ongoing basement structural works. Multiplex are currently ahead of their contract program.

Site Works Status

  • Pad Footings – complete
  • Crane No. 2 – Installed
  • Jump Form installation – complete
  • Inground services – ongoing
  • B6 slab – ongoing